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20 Top Reasons to Visit Boston

May 6, 2017

There’s no place quite like Boston. It’s one of the most historic cities in the United States with more character, cobble stone streets, museums and colleges than you can count! Read on for the top 20 reasons to visit Boston!

Top reasons to visit Boston and things to see Most photographed street in USA Acorn Street

1.     Most photographed street in the USA: I don’t know who’s counting, but apparently Acorn Street in Beacon Hill is the most photographed street in the USA! It’s easy to see why it holds this title, with picturesque shutters on uniform brick walls, greenery around the windows and American flags adorning the walls.

2.     Chinatown: Boston has a thriving Chinatown with delicious East Asian restaurants everywhere, plenty of bubble tea and all the Asian products you could want.

3.     Best colleges: There’s a reason they call Boston the Athens of America. Boston has over 100 colleges, two of which are the world-renowned Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Even if you aren’t college age, it’s certainly worth your time to visit one of these gorgeous campuses.

4.     Walkable: While Boston is a large city, it’s still very walkable. In fact, it’s probably better to walk or swipe your Charlie card to take the T (the public transportation system) because parking in Boston can be a nightmare.

Top reasons to visit Boston and things to see Public Garden Common Pond

5.     The Boston Public Garden: The Public Garden is absolutely stunning in every way. It’s a peaceful escape from the city, and also holds some history and a lot of whimsy. There are little duckling statues hidden somewhere in the park that the locals enjoy dressing up and iconic swan boats you can rent to paddle around the pond pictured above.

6.     Seafood: Considering Boston is right next to the Atlantic Ocean, it makes sense that the seafood is amazing! You can find good seafood almost anywhere in Boston and don’t forget to try the New England clam chowder, a Boston classic.

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7.     Boston Tea Party Reenactment: It was the moment that started a revolution. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, one night Bostonians snuck onto a British tea ship and dumped all the tea into the harbor to protest against the tea tax. Historians often label it as the event that started the fight for independence. Bostonians are very proud of this historic act of defiance. So if you go down to the harbor, there is a floating museum commemorating the event with plenty of reenactments.

8.     Fall Foliage: Boston is well-known as one of the best destinations for fall foliage in America. When fall comes, the leaves all turn a fiery orange that lends itself to some truly amazing photos.

9.  Gorgeous Architecture: In Beacon Hill and Back Bay, the Victorian brownstone homes are the best-preserved examples of 19th century urban architecture in the United States.

10.     Mike’s Pastry: The entire North End of Boston is filled with incredible Italian food, but Mike’s Pastry definitely takes the cake. It’s ranked number one in all of Boston on Trip Advisor and on the weekends the line for a precious cannoli stretches all the way down the street. The pastries definitely live up to the hype. If the lines are too long though, another local favorite and rival across the street is Modern Pastry!

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11.  Fenway Park: Even if you don’t like baseball, you’ve got to admit that seeing the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball is pretty cool. You can still watch a baseball game with friends in ole Fenway with a hotdog in hand.

12.  Snow, snow, and more snow: A few years ago Boston got so much snow in one winter (20 feet) that people were building bridges of snow just to walk around. This may sound like a terrible thing, but if you’ve ever wanted to see a true winter wonderland, head to Boston!

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