2017 Travel Round Up

January 12, 2018

If you’re new here, at the end of each year I do a travel round up/recap to review the past year’s travels. (Click here to read last year’s recap). This year, 2017, was the biggest travel year of my life. I travelled to 6 different countries and 21 different cities around the world. Here’s a quick summary of it all.

February: LA

The first travels of the year; I originally went to LA for a college interview, but also decided to explore the city again, since I hadn’t been since 2015. Unfortunately, the weekend I decided to go also happened to be the one weekend where LA decided to unleash decades worth of belated rain, and the city flooded the entire time I was there. However, I didn’t let that stop me from snapping pics!

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April: NYC

In April I was off to NYC for who knows how many times. Funnily enough, it was right after this that I decided to move here for college! So now I live here for most of the year.

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June: Spain

Spain round one for me consisted of a train trip to the three biggest tourist cities: Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville, as well as stops to Juzcar and Ronda as well. The reason why I had two trips to Spain is long and convoluted, but the short story is that I went with two different groups of people.

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July: Portugal, Spain (again), China

My summer travels continued as I skipped from Spain to Portugal and back again and then over to China. I was only in Portugal for 3 days, which was only enough to see Lisbon and then a quick day trip to Cascais, which means I must come back someday to visit the Algarve!

My second trip to Spain included visits to Barcelona and Madrid again, as well as Valencia, Javea, Altea, Villajoyosa, Torrevieja, and Calpe. It was a much more refreshing trip where we got off the beaten tourist path and saw other undiscovered parts of Spain.

In China we first flew into Chongqing, then went over to Chengdu to visit my mom’s old college friends and see pandas for the first time, and then to Guiyang and Shenzhen.

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August: Thailand, China, Hong Kong

Embarrassingly, I’m still not done editing and writing blog posts from my August travels, but they will be up shortly, I promise! Until then, here is just a sampling of my Asia pictures.

In August I flew to Bangkok for a 2 hour layover before flying to Xi’an China, where I saw the terra-cotta warriors! Then I flew back to Shenzhen and took a day-trip to Hong Kong.

September: NYC

I suppose this doesn’t really count as traveling but in September I moved to New York City to start my first semester there at NYU! I want to mention it because, obviously, starting college is a super big life change for me, and it also happens to mean that I am now based out of a different city for the most part.

December: St. Lucia

For the holidays, I went with my family and a few friends to St. Lucia for the first time! I have to say, I absolutely loved it. The island was gorgeous and the atmosphere was super relaxed, just how I like it. Pictures will be up soon on my instagram so go give that a follow!

That was about it for 2017! While it was a great year for my travels, it wasn’t a great year for the world in general so I’m really glad for it to be over. Looking forwards to 2018, I just returned from a trip to Florence, and from there on out I have nothing planned yet, so stay tuned!

Where did you guys travel to in 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • It’s been a pretty great year of travel for you, I hope to travel more in 2018 too!
    Maya Not Mya

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