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Apps That Will Up Your Instagram Game

October 29, 2016

With so many apps out there in the app store, all claiming to be the newest and best, it’s hard to know which ones to download. Here are the road tested apps that will help you become #instagramgoals.

1. VSCO Cam (Free on Apple and Android)

You’ve probably heard of VSCO Cam by now, but in case you haven’t, you need this app! Many professional photographers use it because VSCO Cam’s presets harken back to the days of film photography. With wonderfully muted tones and a multitude of tools, VSCO can make almost any picture 200% better!

2. A Color Story (Free on Apple and Android)

This is the only photo-editing app that that allows you to edit curves and really make colors and whites pop. With 100 filters, 40 effects, and the ability to save your own custom filters, A Color Story serves as a powerful photo-editing tool.

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