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    2016 and 2015 Travel Round Up

    2017 is finally here! At the end of every year I tend to get a little nostalgic, looking back on what I’ve done in the past year. So I decided to do a travel…

    February 4, 2017
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    Traveling While Asian

    As we reach the crest of our hour long hike, a breathtaking view greets us. Ragged edges of a crater created by the force of the earth loom before us as a metropolis created…

    October 8, 2016
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    Public Transport vs. Taxi

     Fact: I have the worst sense of direction a human could possibly have. I’m more than capable of getting lost in my hometown, where I have lived my entire life, and getting anywhere is…

    November 9, 2015
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    My Summer According to Instagram

    If y’all didn’t know, I went on the most epic world tour this summer with my family. We started in Boston, our hometown, and then went to Britain, France, China, Japan, and LA before…

    September 1, 2015
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    Why It’s Totally Okay to be a Tourist

     I’ve been seeing a trend lately. Being a travel blog myself, I follow many travel blogs and I’ve seen mentions of “traveler, not tourist” and “how to be a “traveler” instead of a “tourist””;…

    July 6, 2015

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