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How To Visit the Broad and the Infinity Mirrored Room

February 27, 2017

The Broad is one of the more popular contemporary art museums, located in Downtown Los Angeles. Because of it's popularity, you'll want to prepare for your visit ahead of time to make the most of it, so here's an article on how to visit the Broad and how to see the famous Infinity Mirrored Room!

P.S. It's pronounced the "Brode" not the "Brawd" despite its spelling.

Before your visit

Admission to the Broad is free, but if you don't want to stand outside in line forever, you can reserve tickets ahead of time. I would do this as close as you can to the first of the month that you are visiting, when tickets are released, as reservations fill up quickly. You'll want to book the tickets early in the morning if you want to visit the Infinity Mirrored Room (for reasons that you will soon learn). However, even if you book tickets in advance, you'll still have to wait, albeit in a shorter line, so be prepared for that. According to the website the wait to get in without tickets is around 45 minutes on a weekday and an hour to an hour and a half on weekends.

Don't want to wait? Have at least 9 friends willing to go with you? Schedule a group visit for $5 a person and skip the line altogether. This you'll want to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

If you're a blogger or journalist, you can also skip the line entirely by applying for a press pass. This is what I did, and I highly recommend it. They will get back to you within 2 business days (but I got mine earlier). This you can do up to 2 business days before your visit.

During your visit

You could look for parking around the streets in downtown, but you may not find one, and in my opinion, it's not worth the hassle. Just park in the Broad's parking lot for $12.

Be sure to eat something beforehand, as you're not allowed any food or drink inside the museum. If you're waiting in line, you could get something from one of the food trucks that usually stops outside of the museum.

Also be sure to bring a good camera, because photography is allowed (as you can probably see). Just don't use flash and you're all good!

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How to visit the Infinity Mirrored Room

This is an exhibit by Yayoi Kusama and will be on view through fall of 2017. It is by far the most popular exhibit at the Broad, and that compounded with the fact that only one person is allowed in the exhibit at a time makes this exhibit the most exclusive.

How it works is that you're not allowed to schedule a visit to this exhibit in advance, instead, you can only reserve a spot in line once you get into the museum that day. For that reason, if you want to see this exhibit, I suggest you get to the Broad as soon as it opens which is 11am on weekdays and 10am on weekends (on Mondays the museum is closed) if you really want to visit the Infinity Mirrored Room. As soon as you get into the museum, make a beeline for the exhibit. There will probably be a line, and you can put your name in an iPad to reserve your spot. They'll text you when it's your turn to visit the exhibit.

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(Side note, if you have applied for a press pass, you also get to skip the line for this exhibit as well.)

You will only get 45 seconds in the exhibit, so if you're planning on taking pictures, make sure you're ready once you step in. I'd suggest taking pictures for half the time and really just enjoying the exhibit for the rest of the time. It is definitely worth putting your phone down.

The other exhibits

There are two floors of exhibits in the Broad, the first and the third floor. You can do them in really any order, I started on the first floor and worked my way up. To get the full experience, bring headphones and download The Broad app free from the app store (there's free wi-fi in the museum!) Other than that, there isn't much to say. Spend plenty of time enjoying the art that you probably waited in line for, and take tons of pictures!

After your visit

If you're hungry after your visit, you can go eat at The Broad's neighboring restaurant, the Otium! I highly recommend the Chicken, Potato, Onion, Shishito, Aji Verde if you go (that's how it's written on the menu). You can also reserve a seat at The Otium in advance, and I would reserve it about two hours after you plan to enter the Broad, which gives a good amount of time to fully enjoy the museum and browse the gift shop.

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After you eat, explore the rest of DTLA! It's a very under-appreciated part of the city.

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How to Visit the Broad and the Infinity Mirrored Room

Have you been to the Broad? What was your favorite exhibit? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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