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Juzcar, Spain’s Smurf Village

October 27, 2017

Move over Chefchaouen, there’s a new blue city in town.

Juzcar, a small village in the Malaga region of Spain, has been all blue ever since 2011, when Sony Pictures decided to contact the village about painting every building in town the same hue to promote the premiere of the Smurfs 3D.

It was supposed to be a temporary measure, but after the economy boomed thanks to a new surge of tourism and 8 new companies were created in the town, the village realized that they quite liked the color and the tourism the color brought, so blue it remained.

Can you spot the little smurf statues on the balcony?

Why pick Juzcar, a relatively obscure town, for this promotion? Every autumn, the fields around the village become abundant with mushrooms, and Smurfs are known for their affinity for the fungi.

Other than being known as a Smurf village, Juzcar is also known for its hiking trails, local gastronomy, and cultural excursions. It is located in the Genal Valley, which has great hiking and is also known for its white-washed towns, with Juzcar being the main exception.

How to see Juzcar for yourself:

Juzcar is 115 kilometres from Málaga and 25km from Ronda. Most routes from other cities will go through Ronda, and to get from Ronda to Juzcar, take the MA-515 which goes directly to the village. The only method of transport to Juzcar is by renting a car or hiring a taxi, as there are no forms of public transport to the village.

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