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Mexican Luxury at Moon Palace Cancun

February 21, 2017

Moon Palace is the ultimate luxury all-inclusive resort. Situated at the edge of Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula, it offers all you could ever want and more. As soon as I saw the resort, I was in awe. Moon Palace Cancun is so big that it's divided into three smaller resorts, Sunrise, Nizuc, and Grand, but the amenities at all the resorts are available to you as a guest.

The view from our room

The Rooms

We stayed in a room at Nizuc. The room was clean and modern, with a huge hot tub sat right in the middle. Unfortunately, I didn't get to make use of this hot tub, but it looked quite inviting. Room service is unlimited and free, and the TV has all the channels we needed. The view from our balcony was stunning – with swaying palm trees and a view of the ocean in the distance. As beautiful as the room was, however, we didn't spent much time in it.

The Pools

Where we did spend most of our time was by the pool, which was fine because the pools are incredible. There is an entire network of pools, connected by bridges and surrounded by palm trees. At Nizuc, there's a waterslide, and at Sunrise, there's a waverider, in case just lounging by the pool isn't enough to satisfy your interest. As I went during peak season it was extremely hard to find any available pool chairs, but that was to be expected. There is also a beach, but it is lined with seaweed and therefore no one really swims in it. There are plenty of reclining chairs to lay out and sunbathe on though.

The Food

There were a multitude of different cuisines at different restaurants to try, from Italian to Japanese to of course, Mexican. The best restaurant I went to was MOMO at Sunrise, an asian restaurant. The wait was a good 2 hours long though, because again, we went at peak season. In addition to the restaurants, you will also find food trucks called "Mobile Munchies" scattered around the resort near the pools. The curly fries from these trucks were delicious. In addition to food, there were open bars everywhere, and because the resort is all inclusive, I basically never stopped eating or drinking throughout my entire stay.

The Activities

As far as activities go, there were plenty to keep me occupied throughout the week-long stay. Water sports activities such as parasailing and jet skiing are available at the resort but you must reserve them ahead of time (and pay an extra fee). You can also take advantage of the many spa facilities – you can get a manicure, pedicure, massage, etc. and all you have to pay is tax. They also have huge golf courses for the golf enthusiasts. In addition, the resort offers tours which will start right from the lobby and go all across the Yucatan Peninsula, to places such as Tulum, Valladolid, Chichen Itza, and Isla Mujeres. If you stay for more than a certain amount of days at the resort, you can get resort credit to spend on these activities.

The Staff

However, the best part of the resort, and what makes it stand out to me, was the service. Everybody I met went out of their way to help us. For example, at the buffet I wanted a chicken taco, but the taco bar didn't have chicken tacos, just pork and beef. The chef told me to hang on a second, and went into the storage room to get chicken for me. Another time, one of the chefs made great Paella during a cooking lesson but we didn't get to eat any because he ran out. He instantly offered to get us more if we visited him later at his restaurant. But it wasn't just the chefs, it was also the entertainment staff. They really personalize the experience, being sure to remember your names and make you feel welcome that way. They also run a number of activities throughout each day, such as water aerobics, games like bingo, bracelet making, and zumba, which will suit a number of different age ranges. The service is what takes this resort into my top favorites.

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