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What To Do in Hong Kong

August 31, 2017

With so many foreigners visiting Hong Kong every day and so many layovers there, it’s about time that you decided to visit! Here I’ve outlined the best things to do in Hong Kong for classic tourists, for the more photographically inclined, and for the foodies out there.

Victoria Peak

You simply can’t go to Hong Kong without visiting Victoria Peak. It’s the best vantage point in the entire city – no doubt about it. To go up, you’ll need to buy a tram ticket. Be warned, the line is usually pretty long and you may be waiting outside for a while so plan accordingly. However, after the wait, you get the most stunning view.



Ladies Market

If you’re looking for a souvenir to bring home with you, look no further than the Ladies Market! With 100+ bustling stalls in a 1000 meter-long market you’re sure to find a thing or two that you like! There are things for men to buy here but as the name suggests, it’s mostly a market for women.

Victoria Harbor

Not only does this harbor offer a dazzling view of the Hong Kong skyline, you also get to see the arrival of the iconic boats! You may have seen the boats with bright red sails before on the internet, but they are far more stunning in real life.


Hong Kong Disneyland

If you’ve got kids, this is a fantastic spot for them, but even if you don’t have kids, why not let your inner child run loose? Hong Kong has a huge Disneyland so while you’re in the area you might as well.

Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula

Feeling in the mood for a taste of the high life? Join afternoon tea at the Peninsula, one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. It’s a tradition derived from the British from when they had control of the city, but it persists now even when British control has been relinquished.

Golden Bauhinia Square

This square marks the return of Hong Kong to Chinese control from British control in 1997. Now it operates under its own unique political system. This square is also right next to the harbor so is quite scenic as well.

Choi Hung Estate

If you’re anything like me and have a penchant for rainbows, you’ll love the Choi Hung Estate. Choi Hung means rainbow in Cantonese, and this estate is very aptly named. All of the balconies are painted in various pastel shades, so that looking at the side of the building they create a rainbow. The iconic photo spot you may have seen on Instagram can be found by climbing to the top of the parking garage where there’s a basketball court on top.

Dragon’s Back

Dragon’s Back is a short 45 minute round trip hike up to a spectacular viewpoint of the South China Sea. The viewpoint makes for a stunning photo and when you’re done, the sweltering heat makes it a great choice to jump into the sea at the beach near the bottom of the trail.

Yick Cheong Building

Another Instagram classic, the Yick Cheong Building doesn’t look quite as polished as the Choi Hung Estate – but that’s the whole part of its charm! The ramshackle apartments stacked together make for a great photo.

Nan Lian Garden

Within the bustling city lies a super peaceful oasis – Nan Lian Garden! Admission is free, which means there’s no reason not to go! There are gorgeous wooden pagoda replicas and lush vegetation everywhere. It’s a great place to relax, sip some tea, or take some photos.

Temple Street

Wait till night time and Temple Street will just light up. It’s quite a famous night market, and makes for great browsing as well as great photos!

SoHo Streets

Near Central- Mid Levels Escalator near Central are a ton of little winding streets which make up quite an artsy neighborhood. As a result there are a ton of cool murals and trendy stores to shop at. The murals especially make for a great Instagram photo!


Also near Central, PMQ were former police headquarters but now houses a ton of artists. You can just browse the art there or you can participate in hands on workshops. The stairways especially are very instagrammable.


Oddies Foodies

Oddies Foodies

You may have seen the bubble waffle and soft serve combo before, but Oddies Foodies claims that it originated at their store! I’m not sure how true this is, however I can testify that the ones they have are absolutely delectable. Definitely worth a visit! I got the Night Wolf ice cream and it was amazing.


Never had my food look at me like this before. ???⭐️

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Yum Cha

There’s a lot of dim sum to be had in Hong Kong but Yum Cha, which serves Yum Cha, has the cutest dim sum ever. The buns especially are shaped like a variety of cute little animals and characters, and make for a great photo and a great meal.

Tim Ho Wan

If you’re always wanted to eat at a Michelin Star restaurant but didn’t want to shell out the money, or you’re just an avid dim sum fan like me, Tim Ho Wan is for you! It is the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant in the world. And it deserves that Michelin Star for sure, the dim sum is incredibly good, and service is quite fast to offset the huge line that’s usually there.


Emack and Boleos

This is a super fun ice cream place with huge ice cream cones and a ton of toppings.

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